What should I expect to spend on flowers?


Just like every couple, every wedding is unique - as is each floral package! Pricing depends on a number of variables such as guest count, wedding pastry size, and the comprehensive vision you have for your big day! Typically, you can expect to spend anywhere between 15-18% of your budget on florals. So, if your wedding budget was $30,000 you should plan on setting aside at least $4500!



What should I bring to my consultation?


Well, first lets talk about what NOT to bring! Please don’t bring hundreds of Pinterest photos; Pinterest should be used lightly as an inspiration guide, but our goal here is to tell YOUR story. By recreating an arrangement found on Pinterest, we will be telling a story that has already been told. Don’t worry! I can work with you to create something never before seen and completely unique to your love!


You should, however, think on what inspires you! Is It modern art? Nature, ancient architecture, or fashion? Color, science, the ocean.. whatever I️t is, I want to know! That will help me know you better and allow me to make more intimate flowers. Bring your wedding day details! Who is your vendor tribe? How many of your favorite people are you inviting? How big is your wedding party? What colors do you hate? Finally, bring any close friends or family (lets try to keep it to no more than four people max). Want It to be just you and I? We can do that to!


 Other than that, plan on having a whole bunch of fun, sharing every last detail with me, and getting a free cup of coffee out of the deal!



Do you travel?


 Yes! I have done weddings all over Texas, as well as on the west coast and in Arkansas. Travel fees are to be expected, but only to cover my own expenses (lodging, gas/flight, vehicle, etc).



What services do you provide?


 Tersilla & Co offers floral design and styling! Read more about my services here!



What does Tersilla & Co mean?


 Tersilla Maria is the name of my grandmother, who is very dear to my heart. Tersilla & Co is a brand created to carry on my grandmother’s legacy of love and adventure, as well as empower women from all walks to tell their own stories. You can read about the heart behind Tersilla & Co here!


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